Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Guest Rooms

One thing I look forward to when we move into a house is the ability to offer guests more than a couch, but a refuge, a comforting and calm place where they can retreat from their daily worries and wear and rest. I feel that the guest room goes a long way in creating that atmosphere.


The four rooms above are designed by Fernau & Hartman Architects and I am in love with all of them. If I had to pick only one for my future house, it would certainly be the rolling bed. I have so many happy memories of sleeping outside (sans comfy bed), and I know several friends who would probably visit me more often, if only to sleep in this room. I hope some day to have a home large enough (and have reason enough) to have a bunk room that will sleep several people.

I also like these two small beds. I've seen them on several blogs, in all colors. I don't know how well an average sized adult would sleep in them, but they would be great for kids.

Found on Belgian Pearls 

A guest room isn't all about the bed, though. It's about giving your guest a home away from home. Yes, while they are in your home they are there to visit you, but they are not going to want to spend all their time with you. I don't want to spend every possible minute with my guests! Everyone needs a chance to be alone, to have a space that is theirs, even if it is only temporary. If you have the money and the room, an in-room bathroom or sitting area can be beautiful. But if you're crunched on space, a small bookcase with a variety of books, a simple sound system, or a small table and chair can make the room homey, inviting them to use the room for more than sleeping.

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  1. I REALLY like the last photo! I love the comfy feel of an attic/ upstairs room, and putting the "bathroom" in there as well is a WONDERFUL idea! It looks so fun! Plus the view is probably amazing...